CEO BLOG: Caldwell, an inspiring community

Recently I had the pleasure of being in Caldwell for the wrap-up celebration of our Strong Kids Campaign, the Y’s Annual Fundraising Campaign.  It was wonderful to see so many of the folks there who have been Caldwell Y supporters from the very beginning.  91-year-old Betsy Eldredge was there, just as she is every year.  She and her husband donated the land upon which  the Caldwell Y sits.  It was a farm then, and it is a farm now.  Where beets, corn, and hay once grew, now there are crops of kids and families who grow right before our eyes.  Betsy has become a great Y advocate and ambassador and is always beaming when we see her.  It is inspiring see that this community, one hard hit by the economic downturn, has raised more than $190,000 to make sure that no one is ever turned away from the Y due to the inability to pay.  The sense of volunteer ownership at this facility is what we strive for.