Jim Everett Blog: Gate Guys are the Best!

I have the privilege of working with some of the best people on earth.  Whether it is  amazing business leaders, inspiring teachers, young people who are wise and kind beyond their years, or co-workers who are so committed to making the world a better place, I am so fortunate to learn from the best.

I recently had the opportunity to work with an amazing group of people for a week.  Our team is called the Gate Guys (“guys” is non-gender specific for us; 4 of the 8 are female), and we volunteer at the Y National Swim Meet.  None of us have kids swimming, five of the eight know very little about swimming, and most do not work for the Y, but everyone generously gives of their time.  They come with one mission: to make the day a little better for every single person they meet.  I love these people and am so grateful and proud to get to work with them.  Angie Gribble, Chelsea Johnston,  Stephanie Peterson, Bob Kohnke, “Pink”, Joe Bridges Jr. and Tammy (all but the latter are from Boise, Tammy is from Goldsboro) made up the team this year.  They are the best.  Another local Boisean and devote community member, Susan Smith, also volunteered at the meet. She is a constant source of of inspiration.  She is selfless, humble, and a constant role model of what service is all about.  These folks all give up a week to try to make this event a great and memorable experience for swimmers, families, coaches, and officials.

Big thanks to all of you!

*Special thanks to Joe Weisser, who got this whole thing started 17 years ago.  His mantra of “MAKE IT HAPPEN” along with “MAKE THEIR DAY” remain our only two “rules” as the “security” team for Y Short Course Nationals.  Often, keeping things simple and free from a lot of rules works best.