September is a Month for Cancer Awareness – A Message from STARS

STARS would like to acknowledge that September is the month for various Cancer Awareness recognitions – Childhood Cancer, Leukemia and Lymphoma, and Prostate Health.

Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical Center, Saint Alphonsus Rehabilitation Services (STARS) and Saint Alphonsus Cancer Care Center launched the first certified cancer rehabilitation service in the western United States. Our advanced training and certification by Oncology Rehab Partners uniquely qualifies us to provide the highest level of cancer rehabilitation services in the region.

Specialty multidisciplinary caregivers, including physicians, physical and occupational therapists, speech pathologists, dieticians, mental health professionals and social workers, will work  collaboratively with each cancer patient on a personalized rehabilitation plan to increase strength and energy, alleviate pain, and improve daily function and quality of life.

Having access to Saint Alphonsus specialized cancer rehabilitation services allows individuals to regain their health and get their lives back on track.  The cancer rehabilitation program is available at numerous locations throughout the Treasure Valley, where we can quickly and effectively implement an exceptional cancer care plan for patients in the communities we serve. For more information, please call 367-STAR (7827) or visit our website at

September is also Health Aging Month.  Regular exercise is even more important for seniors than other age groups since the risk of disease and lost mobility is greater and the positive effects are realized more quickly.  But, as we all know, the hardest part is getting started. . .

Tips for getting started:

  • Look for daily opportunities to exercise in work and play.  Force yourself to walk by parking your car several parking aisles away from the store or your office entrance and walk briskly!
  • Choose an exercise you like and stick with it.
  • Use the buddy system.  Arrange to have a friend meet you – It’s harder to say no to exercise when you exercise with a friend.
  • Walk, swim, climb, bicycle, dance, fish!
  • Join a walking group or visit your local YMCA, recreation center, park, church, or senior center.