Musical Theater Site Lead – Youth Development


January 17, 2014

Categories: Part-time, Youth Development
Locations: Downtown Boise

The Music Theater program is a two hour weekly program that meets Mondays, 6-8pm in Downtown Boise. The program takes a group of 7 to 12 year olds through the process of putting on a musical production. At the end of the program—in April, the students will put on either a one act play/musical or a full length play/musical.

Current Date: January 1, 2014
Hiring Supervisor: Courtney Murray
Number of Positions Open: 1 – 2
Wage Range: $8.13 – $12.20
Date Position Begins: January 27, 2014
Date of Interviews: January 20 – 22, 2014
Applications Accepted Through: January 17, 2014

Position Requirements: Assist in implementing youth programs based on the fundamental factors of youth development and the YMCA guidelines. Communicate effectively and positively with parents, fellow staff and participants. Ability to adapt and/or be flexible. Must be at least 18 years of age, and be responsible, prompt, enthusiastic and creative. Enjoys working with kids. Specialization in Musical Theater is a must. Knowledge of theater arts will aid in the production of a full length musical. Must be able to teach kids how to sing on tune and memorize lines, dance, and other production necessities. This director needs to be self-motivated since nearly all responsibility of the production will be underneath their supervision. Some of the expectations are blocking, stage positioning, dancing, and helping kids with their lines.

General Skills & Abilities: Demonstrate genuine care and concern for youth. Demonstrate knowledge of activities appropriate for the social, emotional and physical levels of youth ranging from 5 to 18 years of age. Demonstrate knowledge of different programs and the fundamentals within the program. Has the ability to build relationships and communicate effectively with people of all ages. Upon hiring – maintain CPR and first-aid certification as well as attend YMCA-based trainings within first 90 days of hire.

Other Information: Youth Leadership Site Lead – Musical Theater is a part time position with membership benefits available. Theater Club meets from 5:30pm – 8:15pm on Monday nights. There are two seasons that would require two separate musical productions (Fall and Spring). Schedule requires positive attitude toward flexibility. Applicants must be at least 18 years of age and have experience working with children in a group structure.

Application Process: All interested staff must submit a letter of interest stating your skills and knowledge that would qualify you for this position and an updated resume must also be submitted.

External Candidates must complete a YMCA Job Application. Please fax your information to 1-866-732-9567, fill out an application online at, or e-mail