Movement Essentials: 101

Improve the way you move and unlock the potential to be a stronger, healthier you! Movement Essentials is a movement education course designed by a physical therapist. You will learn how and why to position yourself from the ground up maximize your … [Read more...]

Pelvic Floor 101

A 3-part program that focuses on deep, stabilizing core muscles that may have become weakened through treatment, surgery, or age. Contact Mary Biddle-Newberry for more information at (208) 344 5502 ext 276 or via email … [Read more...]

Chair Yoga

Chair Yoga is uniquely designed for people recovering from and living with neurological injuries such as stroke, brain or spinal cord injury, Parkinson’s disease and other related conditions. The small group classes allow for the licensed physical … [Read more...]

Active Life Weight Loss Bariatric Program

This 12-week program is designed for participants who have had or are planning to have weight loss surgery (or who have a BMI over 35). The program begins with an intake conversation that uncovers past and present activity habits and sets future … [Read more...]

Diabetes Exercise Program

The Diabetes Exercise Program is a 12-WEEK FITNESS INTERVENTION program designed to help manage diabetes and track changes in HbA1c levels and fitness parameters. This is an exercise program for those with Diabetes (Type I or II), pre-diabetics or … [Read more...]

Delay the Disease – Movement Disorder Program

OhioHealth Delay the Disease™ is a fitness program designed to empower people with Parkinson’s Disease (PD) and other neurological disorders by targeting symptoms and optimizing physical function. It is founded on evidence-based, structured exercise … [Read more...]