Happiest Baby on the Block

Offered at: Saint Alphonsus
Member Pricing: $30 per couple (includes CD and DVD/video) | Non-Member Pricing: $30 per couple (includes CD and DVD/video)
Ages: All

New babies are such a blessing, but they can also bring with them sleepless nights, crying, and quite a bit of extra stress.  In our Happiest Baby Class based on Dr. Havery Karp’s best-selling book, “Happiest Baby on the Block,” you will learn:

  • How to help your baby sleep better.
  • How to soothe even the fussiest baby in minutes.
  • Why most babies get more upset in the evening.
  • Why it’s impossible to spoil young babies.
  • An easy way to help infants sleep longer at night.
  • Why fathers are often the best baby calmers.