Personal Training Delivered

Offered at: Boise & Eagle/Meridian Area
Ages: All

Personal Training Delivered™ is like having the YMCA come to you! Working out in a gym can be intimidating or confusing. Some people struggle just to find time to get there consistently. Let Personal Training Delivered make it easy by delivering the personal trainer and equipment to you! We implement the three components of fitness – Exercise, Nutrition & Support – to help you experience and sustain success. We also offer couples and family training sessions to make even better use of your time and get everyone in the family fit!

Our trainers are real people just like you who can relate to your individual needs and challenges and are committed to helping you achieve your goals in a supportive environment. Personal Training Delivered will carefully match you with a trainer who will listen to your needs, hold you accountable and coach you to success!

  • The Right Education – All of our Personal Training Delivered trainers are nationally certified and experienced.
  • The Right Tools – We provide all necessary equipment for your workout needs. We also provide all of our clients with their own comprehensive food and activity journal.
  • The Right Approach – Our trainers are equipped to listen first to your needs and then work collaboratively with you to help you meet your goals – with just the right amount of encouragement and accountability.


Sessions Individual Couple Family
1 $99 $124 $139
3 $199 $249 $279
6 $329 $411 $461
12 $599 $749 $839
24 $1,119 $1,399 $1,567
32 $1,399 $1,749 $1,959
48 $1,899 $2,374 $2,659

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