Triathlon Club

Offered at: Downtown Y
Member Pricing: $50/month or $450 annually | Non-Member Pricing: Y Membership Required
Ages: 18 and older

For more information, please contact:

Triathlon Coordinator (208) 344-5502 ext 280


Training smarter not harder and finding the optimal experience through sport is part of the Tri Club’s our mission. We strive to focus on the fun aspect of healthy living. Striking the right balance in your life is essential for optimal performance. An experienced coach will help map out your season while teaching you about core concepts such as periodization, nutrition and recovery. We’ll guide you through setbacks and be the voice of reason when needed. Having a coach working with you helps facilitate the support structure one needs to accomplish great and amazing things. Let us help you find focus.

For more information, please visit the front desk at your YMCA.

Plan Includes:
– Onboard meeting
– Access to Training Peaks
– Workouts with full information uploaded to Training Peaks
– Non-appointment meeting with coaches during open office hours
– Access to Computrainer
– Ability to participate in all workouts & swim stroke clinics

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