It's probably strange to hear, but exercise and movement can help relieve the pain of arthritis even when it is painful just to walk. The YMCA Healthy Living Center’s joint health programs help you strengthen the muscles around your painful joints so that movement becomes more enjoyable and less painful.

Enhance® Fitness – Arthritis Management

Offered at: Caldwell Y Downtown Y West Y
Member Price: Free
Non-Member Price: $55/month

Enhance®Fitness helps improve the well-being of individuals living with arthritis and other chronic illnesses by providing a community of support and opportunities for improved physical strength, increased flexibility, better balance, enhanced cardiovascular fitness, and reduced arthritic pain,

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Moving for Better Balance

Offered at: Downtown Y West Y
Member Price: Free
Non-Member Price: $55

This Tai Chi program represents the results from years of scientific research and community evaluations. Its focus is on preventing falls through regular practice, Tai Chi, when practiced regularly, will improve one’s balance and reduce the likelihood of falling. The 8 single forms utilized adhere

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Restorative Spine Class

Offered at: West Y
Member Price: $30
Non-Member Price: $60

The Restorative Spine Course is targeted to those individuals who have mild to severe back impairment and may not be able to participate safely or comfortably in regular exercise programming. It is also appropriate for those with postural concerns. The small group, 6-week classes are designed to

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Movement Essentials: 101

Offered at: Healthy Living Center
Member Price: $20/session
Non-Member Price: $40/session

Improve the way you move and unlock the potential to be a stronger, healthier you! Movement Essentials is a movement education course designed by a physical therapist. You will learn how and why to position yourself from the ground up maximize your ability to live, exercise and perform. Contact

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