RODS JR Youth Triathlon

Treasure Valley YMCA

A healthy you starts today! We have healthy activities for all kids and all abilities at the RODS JR Youth Triathlon at Hidden Springs. (South Meadow Pool 12742 N Humphreys Way)  Start the Fall right with a youth triathlon. Kids do triathlons because they are fun! We keep our triathlons fun for all ages and hope to develop a life-long passion for fitness and a healthy lifestyle. This event is to help teach youth about inclusion for all. Learn more about RODS Jr 

12 & Under:   150 yd Swim– 5K Bike-  1K Run

13 & Up:   300 yd Swim– 10K Bike– 2K Run

Challenged Athletes:
Please select either distance and answer the questions during the registration process to explain to us what type of help your athlete will need during the event. We will have some race support help available but family and friends are welcome to assist athletes. Please list all race support during registration process. For more information please email

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Thank you to our sponsors:

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