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CEO Blog: Something to Add to Your ‘Bucket List’

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July 11, 2014

A Blog from our CEO, Jim Everett

Everyone needs a good bucket list of things we plan to do before we leave this earth.  These lists are, of course, unique to all of us, and that is what makes life interesting.  Having said that, I am going to be so bold as to suggest you add one more to your list . . . and it’s something you can check-off this weekend!

Have you ever dreamed of being a Triathlete but thought “I could never do that!”?  If you can comfortably (I did not say speedily) swim 200 meters, ride a bike for 3 miles, and walk or run 1 mile, you can be a triathlete before noon on Saturday.  Don’t let anyone tell you that the Y Not Tri is not a real triathlon.  It involves the three sports in the proper order, and upon finishing you are and will forever be a triathlete, regardless if you ever do one again.  There is a high likelihood that you will be back for more.  Many of the top triathletes in the area got their start at the Y Not Tri, including Kristin Armstrong.  Her Olympic Gold Medal journey was launched when she participated in this event in her mid-twenties.  For some, it is a great way to train and to avoid the overuse injuries which often occur with single endurance sport focus.  For others, it’s an opportunity to check that “complete triathlon” box on their bucket list.

Either way or anything in between – this is an event you should do at least once and why not this weekend?  If you’re worried about the swimming, which many people often are, keep in mind that this race includes only 200 meters, which is a very reasonable distance.

If you are not up to it this year, connect with our Tri Club coaches at our Y facilities, and I promise you, they will help you get fit and be ready for the 2015 Y Not Tri.

And come watch tomorrow!  You will be very inspired by all of our participants, namely brothers Noah and Lucas who are competing as a team, and Zach, who has lost nearly 200 pounds on his triathlon journey.

If you read this and decide you want to sign up, we will waive the late fee. Follow the link below to register today, and use the coupon code JimsBlog to redeem this offer.


I hope to see you tomorrow!