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CEO Blog: A Week Spent With Amazing People

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January 16, 2015

On Monday I had lunch with three folks who have served as great mentors to me: Bob Barney and Gary and Glenn Michael.  These individuals have all had significant influence on my life and have had a huge impact on our Y.  Gary, as the new CEO at Albertsons, was uniquely positioned to change the trajectory of this Y, and he certainly did. With Ray Smelek, Gary led the successful effort to build the West Y/Boise City Aquatic Center. This never would have happened without many devoted people, but Gary’s leadership changed our future.  All that has come after, including the Caldwell Y, the expansion of the Downtown Y, Y Camp at Horsethief Reservoir, and multiple childcare centers were made possible because Gary believed in us.  I will be forever grateful to Gary Michael for all he has done for our Y and this state.

Later that Monday, I met with about 25 people, most of whom were youth from the student-run nonprofit organization called One Stone, to discuss the design regarding our proposed YMCA/school/library project in Meridian. Despite the airing of the college football championship and looming homework, all these incredibly brilliant, creative, and energetic students spent more than two hours to help us dream big about what this new collaboration might be. One cannot help but be optimistic about our future after spending time with a group like this.  Teresa and Joel Poppen, founders of One Stone, have created something very special for our community in One Stone!  Learn more about One Stone here »