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STARS New Device Helps Treat Pediatric Incontinence. Also, a Big Thank You to the West YMCA!

In The News
August 17, 2015

Our STARS Pediatric clinic is excited to announce a grant we received from the Saint Alphonsus Foundation for the purchase of a biofeedback unit to be used for pediatric incontinence.  This is a unit specifically designed for children by providing pediatric-friendly software.  Studies have shown that the use of interactive games for biofeedback has been effective in treating pediatric voiding dysfunction. 

Physical Therapy can be excellent in teaching children how to gain control over the muscles involved in bladder control, thus improving their self-esteem.  Most children will quickly learn how to discard the pull-up pants at night by using various behavioral and dietary modifications.

If behavioral and dietary modifications do not correct the issue, then biofeedback would be an appropriate next course of action.

We would like to thank the West YMCA staff for their hospitality and for hosting our 5th annual Pediatric Triathlon camp in June.  This camp is a weeklong, one-on-one Physical Therapy-intensive program that provides an opportunity for children with motor and coordination limitations to learn skills and safety in swimming, biking, and running.  OUR GOAL is to empower children to participate in community recreational and fitness activities!  Thank-you YMCA for your support with this weeklong event.  We are looking forward to next year!