Saint Alphonsus is Gearing Up for the 2015 YMCA Christmas Run!

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November 5, 2015

Saint Alphonsus is proud to be the presenting sponsor of the YMCA Christmas run again this year . . . and we are pulling out the stops this year to make this one of the best years ever.  What is going to be new this year? Here is a hint . . . no gloves this year, but the gift will make your feet very warm!

Are you interested in participating this year but have an injury that won’t allow it? 
STARS Physical Therapists can help! Let us evaluate your injury and see if we can’t get you in Christmas Race running form.

Our physical therapist will help pinpoint problems that can be corrected by changing running habits and modifying the running regimen. To promote healing, reduce inflammation, and prevent recurrence, our physical therapists will teach and develop pre and post workout routines that include stretches, strengthening, warm-ups, and cool-downs to help the body adapt to the stress and demands of running.

Visit the STARS website at to find out more about locations and our therapists.

Therapist spotlight–Nancy Murphy—Physical Therapist at the Downtown YMCA!!
This month we wanted to highlight Nancy Murphy, PT, ATRIC—she is certified in Aquatic Therapy as well as Cancer Rehabilitation. How can that help you?

Aquatic Therapy is used for low impact, efficient muscular and cardiovascular therapy. By reducing gravity’s effect, water reduces pressure on joints, relieving physical stress and increasing your flexibility for a faster recovery.

Cancer Rehabilitation–Maintaining strength during cancer treatments helps to prevent or reduce the risk of complications, as well as to enhance quality of life. Physical Therapy helps patients and their caregivers regain a sense of hope and control over their health by teaching proper and safe exercise to rebuild function, endurance, and muscle and bone strength. Even a small amount of exercise can be beneficial to patients by decreasing anxiety and increasing sense of control.

To contact Nancy at the Downtown YMCA, please call 424-8175.