NEW KNOWLEDGE ADVENTURES! Spring Course Catalog for People Over 50

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February 3, 2017

2017 Spring Course Registration opens on February 21st!  Mark your calendars – classes fill up fast!
Download 2017 Spring Catalog!

New Knowledge Adventures gives a whole new meaning to experiential learning! For $35, you can spend your spring sharpening your mind, learning new skills, and exploring the world around you. Our instructors will share a wealth of knowledge born of enthusiasm and experience.

This organization is a participatory and self-directed group that aims to further the well-being and intellectual pursuits of people over 50. You’ll learn from volunteers who are devoting their time to sharing their lifelong passions — and we’re sure their love for their subjects will rub off on you, too!

These are your best years — don’t miss the chance to put your independence and free time to work for you. With New Knowledge Adventures, you’ll discover opportunities to socialize, exercise, and give your curiosity a good workout. Every class you take will help you build the neuroplasticity that will keep your brain young.

So take a look. You’ll find pages of classes that will help you pick up a new skill, a new hobby, or a new obsession.

Download 2017 Spring Catalog!