Aquatic therapy is a wonderful way to incorporate low impact muscular and cardiovascular therapy in a cool and relaxing environment. Since the water reduces the effects of gravity, the pressure that is normally put on your joints is reduced allowing you to move more freely and with less pain. Aquatic therapy is not only for adults but children as well. The benefits are very similar for both children and adults alike. A few of them are increased joint mobility, muscle flexibility, circulation, and respiratory rate.

Similar to traditional therapy that takes place in an office, therapists who offer aquatic therapy will perform an evaluation in the office and once they have determined that aquatic therapy will be helpful, they will create an individualized treatment plan. Due to the ease that aquatic therapy provides, many of our therapists will incorporate it into the first portion of your rehabilitation and will follow it up with traditional therapy in the following weeks as you progress.

Before stepping into the pool, remember to bring your own swimsuit, and if you prefer, you may bring non-slip water shoes to help with traction and balance. Once in the pool, you can expect a variety of exercises and stretches that strengthen and loosen the injured area. Depending on your needs and ability, floatation devices and weights may be incorporated into the sessions as well.

If you have sustained an injury and need therapy, visit one of our Saint Alphonsus Rehabilitation Services’ locations and find out what aquatic therapy can do for you!

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