Ron’s Y Story

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January 21, 2020

“Two years ago, I had a stroke, and it affected the left side of my body. My physical therapist recommended joining the Y because my insurance only covered 20 sessions of physical therapy each year.” Ron originally attended the Movement for Memory class, which is for individuals with mild cognitive impairment or early-stage dementia. “It can be as easy as marching in place, light hand weights, and band work.”

Soon after, he started attending Delay the Disease, a class designed to help with multiple movement disorders. “Before coming here, I would walk around my neighborhood, and I could get maybe half a mile. Now I’m walking a mile and a half to two miles. Other improvements I’ve seen are cognitive. I have a group of friends that usually meet on Wednesday evenings who have noticed how much more I can be engaged and stay with the conversation. My advice? Just get off the couch and come and do it. It’s well worth your time.”
— Ron