Together at Home

January 23, 2021
Joke of the Day

Q: What do the mountains wear to keep warm?

A: Snow Caps!

Youth Development

Go to Sleep, Groundhog!

Listen to this fun story to celebrate Groundhog’s Day this Feb 2!

Get Crafty with Recycled Materials! ♻️

Encouraging your kid to craft with recycled materials can inspire all kinds of creativity and it’s kind to the environment! Turning cardboard, paper, old tin cans, bottle caps, and other items you’d normally trash into treasure can be a joy with a little one.

So, click the button below for a list of FUN, crafty projects using materials you probably have lying around your house!

Healthy Living

Embrace Positive Self-Affirmation ✨

Your kids are always listening. The things we say to ourselves and to our children have an impact on their relationship with their bodies. Health affirmations can help you feel positive about your body, about exercise, about eating right, and they can help chip away at your negative self-talk. 
Exercise ABCs
Today’s Exercise ABCs word of the day is:


Social Responsibility

Protect Our Trails! 🥾

Whether your hiking, biking, or going for your regular morning run, make sure to enjoy the Boise Foothill responsibly by following winter trail etiquette. To prevent the erosion and further damage of narrow trails, avoid heavy usage of trails when trails get muddy. Find out how you can help preserve the integrity of Boise’s beautiful system of recreational trails for generations to come by clicking below!

Two people holding hands while hiking


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