THRIVE Adult Cooking Class – Ghoulish Appetizers

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October 12, 2021
Cooking class with instructor and students at THRIVE

Bloody bone breadsticks, mummy hot dogs, and monster apple snacksYUM! Take a look at what the participants in the latest THRIVE Adult Cooking Class at Tomlinson South Meridian YMCA whipped up while learning basic kitchen skills, nutrition, safe knife handling, appliance operation, and proper cleaning. 

Once their spooky meal was completed, participants were encouraged to enjoy their creations with friends! 

THRIVE programs are designed for children and young adults who are neurodiverse, but all are welcome! We are proud to offer a safe center and caring staff. Our staff are well trained and take great pride in keeping the THRIVE Center safe, clean, and positive for the comfort of both the participant and caregiver.

For more information about the next Adult or Teen cooking class, please contact:

Andrea Parker, THRIVE Director – 208 331 9622 ext 527

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