Jim Smoak, karate instructor

Learn an Okinawan Karate ‘Kata’ with Instructor Smoak

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January 27, 2022

Jim Smoak is a certified black belt instructor who teaches Okinawan Karate,  a program available to participants of every experience and skill level, at Tomlinson South Meridian YMCA.  In the video below, Smoak provides a mini-instructional lesson about a pattern of movements called “kata,” along with some valuable insights into how Okinawan Karate trains the body and mind for self-defense.

“I enjoy spending time with my fellow pursuers of the martial arts and passing on the knowledge and skills I have obtained so that a wonderful art and lifestyle can continue,” says Smoak.

Interested in learning this ancient martial art? Learn more about our program offered below!


Okinawan Karate is a very old and traditional form of karate from Okinawa Japan designed for self-defense. This program will teach you the soft skills needed to develop proper self-defense skills. These soft skills range from proper planning, situational awareness, and basic verbal de-escalation techniques. In addition, you will learn to establish the necessary muscle memory of the needed physical and mental skills to survive a self-defense situation.

AGES: 13+ (Ages 10-12 must have an adult registered with them.)

TIME: Fridays | 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm

LOCATION: Tomlinson South Meridian YMCA


Karate instructor and student
Two female Okinawan Karate students

Okinawan Karate is one of several Martial Arts programs offered at the Treasure Valley Family YMCA. We offer Martial Arts programs for all ages and abilities at the Treasure Valley Family YMCA. Taekwondo, Judo, Kiyo Ju, and Okinawan Karate. Financial Assistance is available.