Here at the Y we focus on youth development, healthy living and social responsibility for all; we advance our cause by building a stronger and more equitable community where everyone has the opportunity to learn, grow, thrive, and reach their full potential with dignity. With our mission in mind, we hosted Engage for a Change!

On Monday Feb. 20 parents, children and staff gathered together at the West Boise YMCA Child Development Center Preschool to hand-prepare 70 gift bags for the residents of Grace Assisted Living. 

Parents and their students decorated cozy non-slip grip socks with fabric paint, made lotion from scratch, then bottled it and affixed a positive quote on each of them. The students filled gift-bags with the resident’s handmade gifts inside, along with a hand-written postcard from the parents and their student.

Once the gifts we’re prepared, the children took a field trip to Grace Assisted Living on Friday Feb. 24 to hand deliver their creations to each resident. The gifts provided residents in the nursing home with warm socks, that are also safe for them to wear or walk in. For residents who have limited access to personal care and hygiene items, they now have hand lotion for their skin. The YMCA Child Development team knew they could help residents and teach students how to impact their community with just a 4oz bottle of lotion.

Before departing, the students sang “You Are My Sunshine,” to the residents. Students had a great time connecting and strengthening our community by engaging with our seniors.