Heritage Dinner 2023

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October 11, 2023

The Y'S 36th Annual Heritage Dinner Recap

The Treasure Valley Family YMCA’s 36th Annual Heritage Dinner was a night to remember, as it brought together friends, supporters, and community members to celebrate the legacy of those who have contributed so much to the YMCA’s work. In this recap of the event, we’ll take you through the highlights of the evening, from heartfelt tributes to a keynote presentation that left the room in awe.

Generational Impact

One of the central themes of the evening was Generational Impact, beautifully illustrated by Carrie Magnuson’s tribute to her dear friend, Jack Ramsey. She emphasized Jack’s profound influence on her life and career, as well as his impact on the thousands of children he served. “Jack’s commitment to nurture the potential in all youth lives on,” Carrie said, “through me, through our next generation of Y leaders, and through all in this room.”

A Keynote Presentation to Remember

The keynote presentation by Kevin Learned and Amy Stahl was a highlight of the evening, leaving everyone in the room with a sense of wonderment. The Learned/Stahl family shared a unique perspective on the YMCA’s impact, spanning four generations. Their children and grandchildren also spoke about their experiences, making it a first in Heritage Dinner history.

One particularly touching story was Amy’s account of Drew’s journey with the YMCA. Drew, who received therapy from Ready Set Go, was able to enjoy all the benefits of the Y, from swimming in the pool to playing on the playground and going on field trips with other kids. The collaboration between YMCA Child Development staff and Ready Set Go paved the way for Drew’s growth and development.

The YMCA's Beating Heart for the Community

Amy’s remarks highlighted the YMCA’s crucial role in the community, serving as its beating heart. The YMCA has been addressing critical issues in the Treasure Valley since 1891, and with the continued support of individuals like you, it is well-positioned to face the challenges of today and tomorrow. The YMCA’s compound social impact grows with each generation, teaching self-care, respect for others, and community cohesion.

As the evening drew to a close, attendees were invited to learn more about the YMCA Endowment, the Heritage Club, and the Aspen Society. For more information or to schedule a visit, you can reach out to Meagan Ellis via email at Meagan.Ellis@ymcatvidaho.org.

In conclusion, the Y’s 36th Annual Heritage Dinner was a heartwarming and inspirational event that celebrated the YMCA’s enduring legacy and commitment to the community. It served as a reminder that, together, we can continue to make a positive impact for generations to come.