AAU 7th Grade – Spring

April 3, 2023 - May 20, 2023
10 years - 13 years


The TVAAU competitive basketball league offers players the opportunity to compete for their local high school all while learning the values of sportsmanship, effort, respect, and teamwork with a focus on maintaining healthy lifestyles and relationships. Treasure Valley AAU is committed to providing players with a positive playing experience. Through YMCA leadership, volunteer coaches as positive role models, and parents/families providing positive and continuous support Treasure Valley AAU Basketball is a platform for players to improve their game within a competitive environment and foster a lifelong pursuit of health.

HERE is a link to the homepage for the AAU league. There is a ton of information posted there.

We will not be having tryouts for this league. We will use the division that is selected on the registration to create teams. If you are unsure on whether you should select JV or Varsity, use the skills below as a guide. A Varsity level player should be able to do the following:


  • Players need to be able to dribble with their dominant hand with complete control and vision of the court.
  • Players need to be able to pass and catch while moving with confidence and accuracy.
  • Players need to shoot the ball with confidence, proper fundamentals, and relatively high success rate with their dominant hand.
  • Players need to be aggressive and strong with the ball at all times.


  • Varsity players should already possess the ability to handle the ball, pass, shoot, play defense, and follow a designed offensive or defensive scheme.


  • Knowledge of what to do on offense to get open without the ball.
  • Knowledge of how to screen and cut.
  • Knowledge of basic defensive fundamentals and positioning.
  • Knowledge of the rules of the game and where to position themselves correctly.
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