6 Week Running Clinic

August 3, 2024 - September 7, 2024
12 years - 99 years


Here is your perfect chance to start off on the right foot!

This is a 6 Week Running Training program to build you up to be able to complete the 5K on September 7th!

We will meet on Saturdays at 7:30-8:30AM, starting on August 3rd, by the softball fields at Hobble Creek Park, next to the West Boise YMCA:


  1. Learn what standardized Running Technique is
  2. Build on running progressively longer while maintaining Running Technique over the 6 weeks
  3. Learn and Implement Warm-up Drills that are applicable to improving and maintaining your Running Technique in training runs, and the eventual race
  4. Learn and implement simple Hips and Hamstrings Exercises to improve your perception of the invariable elements of Running Technique
  5. Learn and implement a simple Flexibility Exercise Routine to support the ranges of motion that your body has to achieve while maintaining Running Technique

We will finish the 6 weeks at Lucky Peak State Park on race day, an hour before the 5K starts, to warm-up/drill to prepare your mind and body to run your (first) 5K!

If you’re an experienced runner, and have run 5K’s before, then you are still welcome to join! You will receive a much different and easier experience preparing for a 5K!”

For more information contact Christine Kuzma at 208-377-9622 Ext 433

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