AAU 8th Grade

January 8, 2024 - March 16, 2024
12 years - 14 years


The TVAAU competitive basketball league offers players the opportunity to compete for their local high school all while learning the values of sportsmanship, effort, respect, and teamwork with a focus on maintaining healthy lifestyles and relationships. Treasure Valley AAU is committed to providing players with a positive playing experience. Through YMCA leadership, volunteer coaches as positive role models, and parents/families providing positive and continuous support Treasure Valley AAU Basketball is a platform for players to improve their game within a competitive environment and foster a lifelong pursuit of health.

HERE is a link to the homepage for the AAU league. There is a ton of information posted there.

Tryout Date and Time

8th Grade: Saturday, October 21st 2:30-3:30pm


  • Players need to be able to dribble with their dominant hand with complete control and vision of the court.
  • Players need to be able to pass and catch while moving with confidence and accuracy.
  • Players need to shoot the ball with confidence, proper fundamentals, and relatively high success rate with their dominant hand.
  • Players need to be aggressive and strong with the ball at all times.


  • Varsity players should already possess the ability to handle the ball, pass, shoot, play defense, and follow a designed offensive or defensive scheme.


  • Knowledge of what to do on offense to get open without the ball.
  • Knowledge of how to screen and cut.
  • Knowledge of basic defensive fundamentals and positioning.
  • Knowledge of the rules of the game and where to position themselves correctly.
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