Youth Taekwondo

January 1, 2022 - January 31, 2022
5 - 11


It is never too late to start! For the first timer we can introduce an entirely new athletic experience. Taekwondo compliments a healthy life-style by developing a well-rounded exercise program and approach toward overall health. Taekwondo offers an extremely rewarding experience for all. If a student has prior experience, they will be acknowledged for their work and will not have to start over as a white belt. We welcome all levels and abilities.

*Improve confidence
*Learn to manage stress
*Develop a healthy life style
*Learn new goal setting skills
*Overall rewarding experience
*Classes convenient for any busy schedule

The program sessions will be month to month. Participants will need to register for the month(s) that they would like to participate. This group is for youth ages 11 and under. Anyone age 12+ who enters the studio must provide proof of vaccination. Beginning February 1st, all participants must be vaccinated.

Price per month:
1 person- member $75 non-member $125
2 person- member $120 non-member $200
3 person- member $180 non-member $300
4 or more- member $210 non-member $350

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