Pokemon Camp (Ages 8-10)

June 17, 2024 - June 21, 2024
8 years - 10 years


Welcome to Pokemon Summer Day Camp! 🌟🔥⚡

Embark on a Pokemon adventure designed for young trainers aged 8-10! At our camp, children will journey into the exciting world of Pokemon, where they’ll catch ’em all, train their Pokemon, and become true Pokemon Masters.

From exciting battles and gym challenges to Pokemon-themed crafts and activities, every day promises thrilling adventures inspired by the beloved Pokemon universe. Campers will explore different regions, meet new friends, and discover the power of teamwork and strategy.

Under the guidance of our experienced Pokemon professors, children will learn about different Pokemon types, master battle tactics, and unleash their creativity through Pokemon-themed games and challenges. Whether they’re hunting for rare Pokemon, creating their own Pokemon cards, or embarking on a Pokemon scavenger hunt, every day at Pokemon Summer Day Camp is an epic quest!

Join us for a summer filled with Pokemon excitement, friendship, and unforgettable adventures at Pokemon Summer Day Camp!


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