Aquatics Conditioning

5 - 12


Aquatics conditioning is a competitive pathway for students following swim lessons.  This program focuses on continuing to build endurance and stroke technique on all major competitive strokes and encourages swimming as part of a healthy lifestyle.  Students will develop endurance with all competitive strokes, flip turns, starts and finishes.

Prerequisites: MUST pass Stage 6 OR CAN swim butterfly across the pool, swim front crawl, back crawl, and breaststroke across the pool and back, swim 150 yards continuously.

Swimming Skills Developed:

  • Front crawl, smooth flip turn, 200 yd
  • Back crawl, smooth flip turn, 200 yd
  • Breaststroke, open turn, 200 yd
  • Butterfly, open turn, 100 yd
  • Individual medley, turns, 100 yd
  • Front start
  • Back start
  • Finishes
  • Relay start, relay exchange
  • Endurance, any stroke or combination of strokes, 500 yd
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