Exercise ABCs

Pick a word or phrase every day and do the workout that each letter of the word corresponds with. We have 2 lists, one intended for adults/teens (option 1) and one intended for youth (option 2)…which do you feel like today? 

Here’s a list of random words to get you started:




Adult/Teen List

A 15 bicycle crunches
B 10 squats
C 15 straight leg raises
D 10 jump squats
E 30 second butt kicks
F 30 second Superman
G 15 crunches
H 30 second high knees
I 30 second jumping jacks
J 30 punches
K 30 second bridge
L 10 sumo squats
M 20 calf raises
N 20 second mountain climbers
O 10 lunges
P 15 push-ups
Q 15 v-ups
R 10 star jumps
S 30 second wall sit
T 30 second plank
U 10 plank hip dips
V 30 flutter kicks
W 5 burpees
X 10 jump squats
Y 10 lateral lunges
Z 10 second rest

Youth List

A Jump up and down 10 times
B Spin in a circle 5 times
C Hop on left foot 5 times
D Run to the nearest door and back
E Walk like a bear and count to 5
F Do 3 somersaults
G Do 10 Jumping Jacks
H Hop like a frog 8 times
I Balance on your right foot and count to 10
J Balance on your left foot and count to 10
K March like a soldier and count to 10
L Pretend to jump rope and count to 10
M Hop on right foot 5 times
N Go up and down a set of stairs
O Do 10 arm circles with your left arm
P Do 5 push-ups
Q Skip to the kitchen and back
R Do 5 sit-ups
S Flap your arms like a bird 20 times
T Do 10 arm circles with your right arm
U Touch your toes 20 times
V Crawl across the room and back
W Run in place and count to 10
X Reach for the sky and count to 10
Y Walk sideways for 15 steps
Z Wiggle all around and count to 10