Girls AAU Basketball League (Grades 5-7)

$116 $146 5-7 March 1, 2021 - April 24, 2021


The TVAAU competitive basketball league offers players the opportunity to compete for their local high school all while learning the values of sportsmanship, effort, respect, and teamwork with a focus on maintaining healthy lifestyles and relationships. Treasure Valley AAU is committed to providing players with positive playing experience. In combination with YMCA leadership, volunteer coaches act as role models and players’ families provide continuous support to young athletes. Treasure Valley AAU Basketball gives players a unique opportunity to improve their game within a competitive environment and foster a lifelong pursuit of health.

Mask Policys   Keep up-to-date with our current mask policies.


There will be no tryouts this year. We do not anticipate having enough players to have both a varsity and JV division. Teams will be formed by the YMCA. More information about that process will be provided as we get closer to the start of the season.

Week of Monday, March 1

JAMBOREE (Optional)
There will be no Jamboree this year.

Friday/Saturday: Mar 12, 13, 19, 20, April 2, 3, 9, 10, and 16, 17

Friday & Saturday
Mar 23 & 24

Monday & Tuesday
Mar 26 & 27

Coaching Application »


Players must register for the program before they will be placed onto a team. Payment is due at the time of registration and can be completed online or at any Treasure Valley YMCA location. Scheduled payment plans and financial assistance are also available by contacting the sports office.

Financial Assistance is available » No child will be turned away due to inability to pay. We support those families in need. Please print and fill out the above form. Simply attach it to your registration form and visit any YMCA location.

National AAU Player Membership

All players and coaches must obtain a current National AAU Athlete Membership prior to practices beginning to be eligible for participation. AAU memberships are valid through August 31st each year.

The YMCA will gladly purchase and maintain the AAU membership for you. If you elect for the YMCA to purchase the membership for a $14 fee is added to their registration fee. There is no additional cost or processing fee within this selection. The YMCA purchases all AAU Memberships on the Friday before the first practice date. You may use THIS PAGE to obtain the membership information if needed outside of TVAAU.

If you choose to purchase the membership on your own please do so and either indicate the membership number during registration or forward the number to YMCA staff. If you’d like to purchase on your own do so here: Purchase AAU membership » .

League Website

Once registered please bookmark the TREASURE VALLEY AAU LEAGUE WEBSITE. This contains scores, standings, communication, schedules, and more.

Team Formation

The YMCA has a 98% placement rate. Following tryouts coaches make their selections based on try-out evaluations. The YMCA reviews selections and follow up with coaches should there be reason for concern. However, we believe coaches select teams to the best of their ability and according to evaluations.

It is natural that, as bodies develop at this age, some taller players may score lower on evaluations as they adjust to their new-found height. We allow coaches to select players based on height and potential upon reviewed team selections and once discussed with the YMCA.

TVAAU is divided into multiple divisions: Varsity and Junior Varsity. Within those two overall divisions, we may also create sub-divisions to ensure the most competitive play. When appropriate and reviewed by the YMCA Sports Office multiple Varsity or Junior Varsity teams may form in one feeder school area. The divisions are formed based on the player’s grade they are in during the current school year. Teams/players cannot play up or downgrade levels. Please also note that feeder school areas may be combined should a particular area be lower in overall registration.

Teams are limited to 8 minimum and 10 maximum players. There are no teammate requests and/or ride-sharing considerations. Y-Ball, school, and previous teams are not guaranteed to be kept together.

Coaches are placed with players, not players with coaches. All players are placed according to the evaluation and, in some cases, an experienced coach who was initially selected to be the varsity level coach may be asked to coach a JV team should their son/daughter be most appropriately placed in JV. This creates difficult conversations at times but please trust that the YMCA is working to meet the best interests of all involved.

It is often that, as teams are selected, the number of volunteers may not meet the needs of the number of teams. In this case, we ask that parents of those teams work to identify a coach for the team. In the event a team does not have a coach, the YMCA Sports office will select teams, on the JV and Varsity level, according to overall tryout evaluation scores.

The YMCA does NOT provide coaches for this program. All coaches are volunteers. Coaches are provided resources and training as needed and we are happy to support all coaches in any way possible.


Uniforms include a reversible top and shorts. The total cost of the uniform is $60. That is $30 for the top and $30 for the shorts. If you played in the previous season with us, you have the choice to re-use the uniform from the previous season. Any participants that register after the uniform order date will not have a uniform for the season.

Uniform examples will be available at tryouts to ensure correct sizing. If you have registered prior to tryouts simply let our staff know of any change needed.


Practices will be twice a week for 1.5 hours per practice and start no sooner than 6pm. Teams will have three weeks of practice prior to the first regular-season game. Getting practice times and spaces is highly competitive as there is limited space for the growing number of programs run throughout the Treasure Valley. In most cases, teams will be limited to half a gym and will be expected to share gym space. Practices may be cut due to holidays, school functions, and other community members getting access to the gyms. Practice times and spaces may not always be able to be made up through space held by the YMCA. Due to gym availability practice locations may increase a family’s commute time.

Of the 16 total practice opportunities, it is best to anticipate 2 – 3 total practices may be canceled due to school needs. While we do what we can to avoid these conflicts we cannot guarantee any team the full 16 practices. There is no rescheduling of canceled practices due to the team or school requests.


There will be no Jamboree this year.


Teams play a total of 10 regular-season games. Games are held primarily on Saturdays at local middle schools and junior highs. At this time, the majority of games are played within West Ada middle schools. Teams play two games per Saturday in 1.25-hour time slots. It is standard practice that teams do not playback to back. The time between the two games may vary. While we do our best to be respectful of time there may be extended time periods between games within the season. We do not accommodate game time and/or location requests.

All play is regulated by the National Federation of High School rules. Rulebooks are available for purchase at and within the iTunes app store. There only adjustments to high school rules within Treasure Valley AAU may be found below.

Game Rules Specific to Treasure Valley AAU »

Schedules, Scores & Standings

Game Schedules will be posted during the first week of practice. All schedules are posted to the League Website. Scores are recorded after each game and posted to the site with standings being updated as scores are reported.

Tournament & Championship

All teams participate in the tournament. The tournament is single-elimination and will begin on Friday evening and carry over through the following Saturday. Championships are held on Monday and Tuesday evenings the following week.


All league updates are posted to the activity wire of the League Website. If, at any point, you need to find information you may reference this site. All information posted will remain posted through the duration of the program.

As the season nears you will receive an email with important links that will assist in a successful season. You’ll note that the return address reads “” but replying from your email client WILL send an email to the appropriate return address.

In addition, we utilize text and email communication. If you are not receiving text and/or email communication please notify us at It is our responsibility to keep you as informed and up to date as possible and it may be that we do not have accurate contact information.

Please also do not hesitate to inform us if you need additional communication and/or information. We want to ensure that you feel supported throughout your experience with us.

Coaching & Volunteering

Coaches Information:
All coaches are unpaid volunteers who give their time to improve the lives of players and help develop skills in basketball and the art of teamwork and effort. Coaches are subject to a background check and are selected based on past coaching history and experience working with youth. No contact information is released until a background check is complete. Safety is a commitment we make to youth.

Varsity division coaches will be expected to attend both tryout dates. As teams form, the need for coaches increases. Please be aware parents of a team in need will be asked to assist in the recruitment of a coach. Once a coach is found and they clear the background check they will be the primary point of contact for the team.

Coaches are provided clear expectations for the season and held accountable for being positive role models. It is our belief that the volunteer coach plays the most important role in a youth’s experience in this program. The YMCA offers support and resources as well as hands-on clinics leading up to and into the season at no cost to volunteers and parents.


Make sure to complete the full form through the online portal. This includes entering your birth date and social security number. Our background check process includes both a national and local review. The background check process takes 72 business hours.

Approved background checks are good for two years from initial approval. If you are unsure if yours has expired or will expire during the duration of the program please contact

Coaching Application »

Volunteer Information: Want to give back, but not sure how? There are many ways:

Positions Available Time Frame
Clock Operator Game Days
Scorebook Game Days
Tryout Evaluator Tryouts
Tryout Check-In Tryouts
Office Communication Throughout the Season
YMCA Annual Campaign Throughout the Season

Each position plays an important role in our season. If you are interested in giving your time to help with our program or assist the YMCA in raising money for financial assistance, please do not hesitate to let us know! Each volunteer must complete an online application.

Apply to Volunteer with Treasure Valley AAU »

Rules & Policies

Treasure Valley AAU adheres to Idaho High School Activities Association playing rules with few adjustments.

Code of Conduct »  All individuals attending Treasure Valley AAU functions are held to the Code of Conduct

Treasure Valley AAU Rules » Click for a look at what rules are specific to Treasure Valley AAU

National Federation of State High School Associations » This website can provide insight on rules, regulations, and much more on high school sports!

Refund Policy: In the event a player cannot be placed on a team, we provide a FULL refund. You will be notified as soon as possible should this happen. However, after the identified uniform order date the YMCA retains a $40 uniform fee to cover fixed costs. Refunds may also be provided (upon review) if the following happens: player injury (with immediate notification to the YMCA), insufficient players to form a team, and/or we were unable to identify a volunteer to coach the team. NO REFUNDS will be provided after practice begins. Refunds will take 4-5 business days to process once they are approved.


For more information, please contact:
YMCA Sports 208 331 9622 ext 808 or ext 517 »

Coordinator: Chris Nims 208 331 9622 ext 808

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