Artist in Residence (AIR)

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Multiple workshops available monthly. Registration required.


The Y Healthy Living Center Artist in Residence (AIR) program offers creative arts workshops. This is a time to relax, try something new, and let your creative side take over for a while. NO experience necessary! All supplies provided. Workshops scheduled quarterly.

The workshops are designed to help reduce anxiety, allay fears, and combat isolation and boredom that can come with a diagnosis. Even more importantly, they help people be viewed as unique individuals rather than representatives of their disease. The workshops offer a supportive group setting to nurture our creative spirits and discover and strengthen our sometimes hidden artistic talents.

They are taught by professional artists using high-quality materials and focus on both the art (aesthetic) and craft (technical) of many art forms to help people access their imaginations and creative resources. Drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, mosaic, fiber arts, textiles, and performance art are among the many mediums explored in the Artist in Residence Program.

Contact Mary Biddle-Newberry for more information at 208 344 5502 ext 276 or via email at

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