Virtual Personal Training



Personal Training is currently only being offered virtually.

YMCA Personal Training provides you with an opportunity to connect with a personal trainer who will actively listen to your needs, offer support, education, and motivation; and help you build confidence that will assist you in meeting and sustaining life-long optimal health.

You and your trainer find a way that works for you to connect virtually such as facetime or another online meeting platform.

“Custom personal training has helped me stay fit when I can’t go out right now. I don’t have any exercise equipment—just a stretchy band and some dumbbells. Michelle made it so easy for me to get a great work out at home!”
—Jennifer, Downtown Boise YMCA Member

Working with a Certified Personal Trainer can make a significant difference when working toward your health and wellness goals. Our Certified Personal Trainers can:
– Help safely and quickly improve your overall fitness
– Reduce your risk of injury
– Keep you motivated and accountable
– Use your gym time more effectively
– Give you focus and clarity with your routine

One-Time Purchase Sessions

Individual 60-Minute Sessions

SessionsPrice Per Session
1–4 Sessions$51
5–9 Sessions$46
10+ Sessions$41

Semi-Private 60-Minute Sessions

SessionsPrice Per Person Per Session
As many as desired$31
One-time purchase packages:
• All one-time purchase packages must be paid in full at the time of purchase.
• All one-time purchase training packages expire one (1) year after the initial purchase date.
Semi-Private Sessions:
• Must have a minimum of 2 participants.
• Fee listed is per person.
• Used sessions are reflective of the entire group. This means if an individual misses a semi-private training
session, that session still counts towards the groups used sessions and cannot be made up individually.

Recurring Monthly Packages

Individual 60-Minute Sessions

SessionsPrice Per Month
1 Session/Week$154
2 Sessions/Week$308
3 Sessions/Week$462

Small Group 60-Minute Sessions

SessionsPrice Per Person Per Monthly Session
Recurring monthly packages:
• Fees are added to your monthly membership dues and require a 3-month commitment. Cancellations must
be made 30 days prior to the next billing period.
• Unused monthly recurring sessions do not transfer to the next month.

Youth Personal Training

  • Youth must be 10 years of age or older to participate in individual personal training.
  • Youth ages 7 or older may participate in Family/Small Group training as long as one member of the family/small group is 18 or older.

Check out the Y’s Personal Trainers: Click HERE to find a trainer from your local YMCA

To schedule your FREE consultation with a certified personal trainer please contact:
Caldwell YMCA – 208 456 2498 ext 660
Downtown Boise YMCA – 208 344 5502 ext 272
South Meridian YMCA – 208 331 9622 ext 523
West Boise YMCA – 208 377 4886 ext 433

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