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Delay the Disease

$35/month $60/month All

Both virtual and in-person classes are available. Program registration and intake required. To register, please email Mary Biddle-Newberry.

YMCA Healthy Living Center:

  • Advanced – Mon, Wed, Fri, 8:30–9:30am
  • All Levels – Mon, Wed, Fri, 9:45–10:45am
  • Intermediate – Mon, Wed, Fri, 11am–12pm
  • Wellness Passport – Mon, Tue, 1–2pm

South Meridian YMCA:

  • All Levels – Tue, Thu, 11:45am–12:45pm

Caldwell YMCA:

  • All Levels – Tue, Thu, 10:30–11:30am

The program is a structured class of aerobic training followed by task-specific training within a community-based PD specific group exercise format. Delay the Disease is an evidence-based fitness program, led by a certified Delay the Disease instructor, designed to empower people with Parkinson’s disease and other neurological disorders as well as their caregivers and spouses.

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Caldwell YMCA: Mon, Wed, Fri, 1–2pm
Pre-registration open now. Program starts Monday, Jan 18.
Branch Contact: Candy Kober: 208 459 2498 ext 663

Downtown Boise YMCA: Mon, Wed, Fri, 1:15 – 2:15 pm
Pre-registration open now. Program starts Monday, Feb 1.
Branch Contact: Camille Cooper McCauley, 208 344 5502 ext 272

South Meridian YMCA: Mon, Wed, Fri, 8:10–9:10 am
Registration open now. Program in progress.
Branch Contact: April Kovalscik, 208 331 9622 ext 524

West Boise YMCA and Boise City Aquatic Center: Mon, Wed, Fri, 11am–12pm
Pre-registration opens January 4. Program starts Monday, Feb 1.
Branch Contact: Katie Christensen, 208 377 4886 ext 424

This program helps people reclaim their health by targeting people diagnosed with a disease to reduce its negative impact and live well with or following a disease. Enhance®Fitness is one of the YMCA’s EBHI’s (Evidence-Based Health Interventions), meaning that the specific components and exercises in this program have been proven effective in a group exercise setting.

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Personal Training


YMCA Personal Training provides you with an opportunity to connect with a personal trainer who will actively listen to your needs, offer support, education, and motivation.

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Saint Alphonsus Physical Therapy (STARS)


Saint Alphonsus Rehabilitation Services (STARS) provides comprehensive outpatient rehabilitation therapy. Our team of physical, occupational, and speech therapists; social workers; and chiropractor work together and strive to achieve the best clinical outcomes possible for the patients they serve.

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Small Group Personal Training

$150/person MEMBERSHIP REQUIRED 18+ September 29, 2020 - November 19, 2020

Tue, Thu

Times will be determined by participants’ availability.

Join a small group of 4–8 people and workout twice a week for 8 weeks. Every week will feature strength training and a HIIT workout, along with tips on healthy living, sleep, nutrition, proper form, and technique from your trainer.

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West Valley Medical Therapy Connection


The physical therapists at West Valley Therapy Connection at the Caldwell YMCA provide therapy suited to your goals and special requirements. You receive individual treatment to maximize your recovery.

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YMCA’s Weight Loss Program

$100 $150 18+

The Weight Loss Program is designed to help people seeking a healthier weight achieve their goals by making small, modest changes to their daily behaviors, and forming sustainable healthy habits.

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