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MYZONE Fitness Tracker

$99 15+

MYZONE is an innovative wearable heart rate-based system that uses wireless-based technology to accurately monitor physical activity. It is highly successful due to its accuracy at 99.4%. It is useful for anyone who wants a gamified and motivating wearable.MYZONE monitors heart rate, calories, and time exercising in real time and converts that into MYZONE Effort Points (MEPs).

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Boise Valley Judo Club – Adult Judo

$35 $52.50 17+

4-week sessions restart monthly
Mon, Wed, 7:30-9pm

Adult Judo is a one-hour class designed to teach the basics of the sport with an emphasis on developing coordination, agility, stamina, and key muscle strength to ensure safety.

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Ping Pong

FREE Day Pass Required

Mon, 12-2:30pm
Wed, Fri, 11:30am-2:30pm

Ping pong helps with hand-eye coordination and overall fitness. Learn how to play or challenge others to strengthen your ability.

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FREE Day Pass Required 18+

Tue, 11am-12pm

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TaijiFit™ combines the best elements of fitness, including balance and meditation, and the ancient martial art of Tai Chi.

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$26 Membership Required 18+

Tanita monitors bring you fast, accurate body composition results using the latest advanced bio-electrical impedance analysis (BIA) technology first developed by Tanita in 1992. This gives you a true indicator of your inner health and, when monitored over time, can show the impact of any fitness regime or weight loss program.

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Free Day Pass Required 18+ View Schedule

This popular pastime is available for all ages and abilities.

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Women’s Self-Defense Class

FREE $25 13+

Sat, 1-4pm
Jan 11 | Feb 8 | Mar 7

A good self-defense course provides psychological awareness and verbal skills, not just physical training. This class, offered through Street Shield Self Defense, focusses on self-defense maneuvers that are valuable and confidence building for women.

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Morning Basketball

Free Day Pass Required 18+

Tue, Thu, Fri, 6:30-8:30am

One full court is open for those 18 years and older and out of high school. Good sportsmanship is our motto – show up, form teams and play!

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Tai Chi

FREE Day Pass Required 18+

Caldwell Y:
Tai Chi I: Tue & Thu, 10:25-11:10am
Tai Chi II: Tue & Thu, 11:20am-12pm
The sessions increase in difficulty as they go from Qigong to Tai Chi I and II.

Downtown Boise Y:
Mon, Wed, Fri, 7-8am
Sun, 11am-12pm

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Tai Chi involves a series of movements performed in a slow, focused manner and accompanied by deep breathing. It is a noncompetitive, self-paced system of gentle physical exercise and stretching.

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Belay Certification

$5 $5 14+

Caldwell YMCA: Tue, Thu, 6-7pm
Downtown Boise YMCA: Wed, 6-7pm
West Boise YMCA: Wed, 6-7pm

Participants must be 14 years of age or older to have this certification. This certification takes between 45 minutes to 1 hour to complete, and will safely train participants how to use the ropes and equipment so they can belay during a certified climbing time.

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