Support Our Cause

Support is the common thread connecting all the different stories of impact that unfold at the Y. Whether it’s the gift of time, talent, or treasure, we are grateful for all the support we get from our community.  Here are some ways you can support the Y’s cause:


When you give to the Y, you are funding life-changing programs that help thousands of children, adults, and families in the Treasure Valley learn, grow, and thrive.


When you volunteer at the Y, you provide leadership, talent, and support vital to strengthening people and communities.


Your organization’s sponsorship of YMCA programs and events helps bring families together and supports positive growth and change.

Attend our Events

Throughout the year, the Y hosts a variety of events that gives kids, teens, adults, and families the opportunity to enjoy fun, healthy, and entertaining activities together. From Halloween parties at our facilities, to Annual Campaign Kickoff, to our many family-friendly races and fun runs, we have something for everyone.

Be a Y Advocate

Simply staying connected and sharing our message has more value than you might think.  There are many easy ways to share our cause.